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Someone to blame

23 May 2005

In the UK it seems the government is to blame for everything. If you are fat, it is not because you eat too much. No it is because the government did not do enough to warn you that junk food makes you fat.

If your child gets fat, it is not because you failed to give them a healthy meal and a packed lunch for school. No, it is because the government does not provide proper free school meals.

If people get so drunk that they cause massive disruption in the streets, it is not because they are stupid and should be put in jail. No, it is because the government does not do enough to prevent access to alcohol for young people.

And finally, when your 12-year old comes home and announces
she is pregnant, it is not because you did not pay any attention to her. No, it is because the school did not give her enough sexual education.

The school? THE SCHOOL???? So when this woman found out that not only her 12 year-old daughter was pregnant, but also her 14 and 16 year old daughters, it was not her fault either.

No no no. It was, again, because the school did not give them enough sexual education. The 16-ear old had already had 2 miscarriages and an abortion from the 38-year old gambling addict boyfriend.

Forgive me for thinking that sexual education is something parents should give to their children. Schools can not win these days. Because in the news recently was a woman who blamed the government for giving too much sex education when her 14 year old came home with a condom.

And the tabloids here print it all without any kind of commentary. At the moment, it seems like society in the UK is collapsing under the strain of youth gangs making the streets unsafe. Bollocks of course but the press is having a field day. And it is all the government’s fault of course. It is not the parents who have let the children get out of control. No, it is because the government does not provide them with things to do.

The fact that these kids can go out and play sports, join some club or just…wait for it...work, does not seem to occur to them.

The whole idea of people being responsible for their own behaviour and that of their children has gone out of the window.


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