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27 May 2005

The latest craze to sweep this country is a numbers puzzle called Sudoku. The ideas is that you have a grid of 3x3 boxes, each box consisting of another 3x3 box. Fill in the grid so that every row,every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. But only once each time. It is addictive beyond belief. The BBC has devoted an item to the puzzle on its flagship show Newsnight and it featured prominently on their website. It started in The Times last year, now all 4 major newspapres have their own daily Sudoku. The Teacher's Union advises teachers to use them in classes so children can learn about logic.

I hate numbers. I hate them with a passion and I cried the day I did my last Maths exam. I swore never to do numbers again. Until these little buggers came along.

I am tentatively taking ym first steps by doing the easy ones. And I still lose my patience every once so often and throw it away. But it something JD and I can do together. She is nice enough to give me a little more time when we are doing one. I am sure she has already solved the entire thing before I have managed to put one number in the grid.

This site has a nifty program that generates them for you on the spot. Of course I have not downloaded it and installed it on my PC at work. I would never do that would I? *ahem*

PS1 : Answer to this sudoku will not be published on this weblog!! Try to solve it though:)

PS2 : Don't take any notice of my wallpaper. Kath & Kim is just the latest cool comedy on BBC2. It is Australian import.


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