28 June 2005

Laugh of the Day Award

Today The Sun publishes a story about how Princess Diana is supposed to have had a one-night stand with JFK Junior. The paper is serialising a book released by Simone Simmons, a psychic who claims Diana used to talk to her for 10 hours on the phone and confessed she had sex with JFK Junior and tried cocaine with him.

Of course all the other papers, who do not have this 'scoop' are trying their best to discredit this woman whom they accuse of being a money grabber. Of course it does not matter that it is painfully obvious that these papers would all not have flinched at the chance to serialise the book themselves if they had been able to. But since they can not, they have taken to trashing this woman's reputation. Of course this woman is talking out of her arsehole. Diana was a mentally unstable woman who probably told people her fantasies and passed them off as real. Something we all do to a lesser extent but I think Diana just had a very blurred line between THE truth and HER truth.

Anyway, the Laugh of the Day Award goes to The Daily Mail for the following quote:

The claim is made in a new book, currently being serialised in a downmarket newspaper

Since when is The Daily Mail an upmarket newspaper?
Pot? Kettle? Bitter much?

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