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No to Europe

01 June 2005

Today Dutchies get to vote against (or for) the EU constitution. I doubt anyone has bothered to read the document but the No vote will win here as well. I have not received a ballot paper. Perhaps they know I would vote No anyway so they don't want my vote.

On this site (in Dutch) my friend Titia picks apart some of the 'arguments' of the Yes campaign. Basically they have not used any arguments. Only fallacies.

Ad Hominem (Playing the man, not the ball) by suggesting the Dutch people should not be voting on this issue, suggesting they are not smart enough to understand its importance.

Ad Miserecordiam (invoking sympathy) by the Prime Minister when he suggested he would look like a fool if he has to go back to Brussels to explain the Dutch No-vote.

More Ad Hominem when politicians accuse each other of not having 'the right' to speak about the issue because they used to have a different opinion in the past, therefore their opinion today is not valid.

The No-campaign started campaigning weeks, if not months, before the Yes-campaign. They Yes-campaign assumed the Dutch would vote Yes. When they noticed the danger coming, they started to fight against the No-campaign. They did not start fighting FOR THE CONSTITUTION. The result is that The Netherlands will vote No today. And the referendum will, just like in France, not be about the European Constitution but about dissatisfaction with the current government.


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