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18 June 2005

Guess who won the award for 'Most Improved Player 2004-2005'? Indeed. Me. I won an award. For a team sport. A sport I had never played or even seen on TV before I joined Old Leamingtonians WRFC. Wow. I have never won anything that made me feel so proud I think. I am feeling a bit smug. But very proud.

When the Captain mentioned that they were all pleased that JD had stuck with the club even when she could no longer play and that they were all happy that she could attend the awards ceremony after her surgery, everyone stood up and applauded. She felt really embarrassed but I felt so proud of her that I had tears in my eyes.

I joined the rugby team to make new friends. I never expected to find around 25 new friends all at the same time AND find something I feel proud to be a part of. Thanks girls!


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