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This could be his year...

24 June 2005

1999: This could be Tim's year
2000: Maybe this year he will do it. He has had great preparation
2001: Could Tiny Tim finally make good on his potential and be the first since Fred Perry?
2002: He is getting a little older now and there are young guys entering the circuit. Maybe it is a little too late for him. But never rule him out for a surprise win.
2003: This is going to be his year. If anyone can do it, it is Tim.
2004: We said it last year but this year has been fantastic: Tim can win it. He reached the semis in Roland Garros, he had a great pre-Wimbledon tournament.
2005: If he wants to do it, he needs to do is soon because he is getting older.

And all this optimism is based on what exactly? Tim Henman has never won a Grand Slam. The poor man has the weight of a nation on his shoulders. He has never said he can win Wimbledon but people all tell him he SHOULD win it because they feel he can. And so with every step he takes on the court, he carries an entire nation on his shoulders. If he were to win the French or Australian Open, they would be happy for him, but they would be annoyed with him as well. For winning a tournament that is not Wimbledon.

Just as well that he will never win a Grand Slam. Tim Henman. A great tennis player. But some of them just never win a Grand Slam. And yet he has reached as high as number 4 in the world at some point. But for Britain, that is just not good enough.

Thankfully there is now a New Tim. Andrew Murray. But there is a small issue with that: he is Scottish. So the English tennis fans now have to shift their attention to a Scottish guy to perhaps win Wimbledon sometime soon. Because he really has the potential to win it. He has reached the 3rd round already this year. That is further than Tim. So maybe this is his year. Could he go all the way as a surprising outsider? If not this year, than surely next year. Next year could just be his year...


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