16 July 2005

And so it begins...

I realised that the next week was going to be unbearable when the doorbell rang at 6.50am. I barely registered the M shaped blur heading out of the room. The postman had just delivered the new HP book.

M offered it to me to read first but I got the impression that it was one of those 'I'm just being polite but I'll be annoyed if you say yes' offers. Don't offer if you don't want me to take it up! But I scored brownie points for declining and making tea. Like a boyfriend in a shoe shop I will wait patiently until my loved one is finished.

However, as I will be reading it immediately afterwards, there are to be none, I REPEAT NONE, of the following uttered whilst reading: "ooooh, aaah, noooo, yeah, oh no he's dead!"

But M read the last page first so the book has just lost all real excitement for her. IDIOT.

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