08 July 2005

Celebrating British Newspaper

England has a reputation for a sensationalist press. And today, after the London bomb attacks, I was not disappointed. The more sensationalist the paper, the higher the death toll. Officially, the blasts have killed 38 people. That number is expected to rise. So the editor of the Daily Star felt it was safe to claim 60 fatalities. 52 according to The Daily Mail, 53 according to The Sun and one paper I saw this morning even claimed 100 deaths!! It seems that if you want to sell more papers, you need to increase the deathtoll. I don’t understand how editors decide to run with those numbers when the official statement is "37 but expected to rise".

The Daily Star opened with the headline "Bastards" and the intriguing "Ken Bigley’s killers behind carnage" (Ken Bigley was killed in Iraq by Al-Saqhawi after being kidnapped for weeks).

The Daily Mirror, up till yesterday, carried the slogan Make Poverty History. Today it has dumped that for the more popular: We will stand firm.

Pragmatic as always, these English papers.

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