01 July 2005

I knew it: Orgasmic genes

Scientist have discovered that women who may have trouble reaching an orgasm can blame their genes.
Tim Spector, who led the survey, says it's all down to genes and evolution. If women reached orgasm too easily, they wouldn't be "very good selectors". The survival of the species requires more than brawn (the strongest male gets the female); it needs brains and the ability to be good nurturers and providers.

So the genes of women who were satisfied too easily were selected out, and those who wanted more than just a good time in the cave survived.

Hahaha! So women, do not despair if you can not climax easily. You will at least make a wonderful mother. When you think about it, it makes sense too socially. When we think of women who have lots of casual sex (Women who really like having sex a lot probably like it because they get lots of orgasms), we don’t think of them as suitable mothers. According to this theory, the slappers will eventually die out. Cool. I have no trouble with that at all.

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