07 July 2005

London Explosions Part 2

It is strange, the feeling when you hear what is happening. I remember it from September 11, 2001. You listen to the radio and watch TV. One attack happens, and then news fom another comes in. Whilst still trying to understand the first attacks, news of another one comes in. Adrenaline strats rushing through your body and a weird feeling of fear, excitement, amazement and morbid fascination takes over. That feeling that makes you wonder when it is going to stop. And then, after a few minutes or hours, they say there are no more new explosions. And the nerves go away. The adrenaline calms down. The curiosity drops back to normal levels.

And throughout the rest of the day, it is almost like you are searching for that high feeling again. Looking at websites, listening to the radio. But it is not as shocking as it was in that first instance when it was all happening.

People are weird. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this.

I really do miss being a journalist. I feel amazingly frustrated that I am not out there on the street and making some sense out of it in an edit suite, feverishly working away before the evening news.

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