07 July 2005

London Explosions

Fucking hell...
You try to get some news about what is going on in London today but everything is down. No websites are available.

I know it is probably 'wrong' to think such a thing at this time but my first thought was: I miss my job as a reporter. I miss it really badly. The adrenaline, the work.

I don't know anyone in London so I am not too worried. I guess this has to do with getting the Olympics. Someone wants to say: We are still here you know! IRA? Iraq? What?

12:13 - The explosion on the bus was a suicide bomber. In Britain. Fucking hell. That is somehow the scariest thing of the whole story.

15:41 - It has just been confirmed that there are at least 33 fatalities confirmed. Seven confirmed at Aldgate 21 confirmed at Edgware Road and five at Russell Square. Numbers of fatalities for the bus have not been confirmed.

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