08 July 2005

London Expolosions Part 3

I think the response by the UK politicians has shown the difference between America and The Rest of the Western World. Blair did not stand on top of the rubble, proclaiming to 'get the bastards who did this.' He did not threaten with war against those who did this. He did not rant about patriotism, the greatest nation in the world, war, revenge, retalliation.

Instead, he spoke of finding those who did this, waiting for the results of the investigation before attributing blame, he praise the Police and Emergency Services. And the staff of the London Underground who all worked hard and were in complete control of the rescue operations. He spoke of his pride of the British people and how everyone had stayed remarkably calm.

There is a difference beyond recognition. So please, Americans, stop posting on all those blogs that Britain will now understand why the USA went to Afghanistan and Iraq. The attrocities may have been committed by the same people but the response is completely different. We, and I mean Europeans, prefer to punish those responsible, not those who happen to have the same faith, skin colour or religion as those responsible. We, and I mean Europeans, prefer not to just kill a lot of people, hoping the purpetrators are amongst the dead.

You will see the difference. You will see why Europa is not hated around the world but America is.

Is this an ani-America rant? I guess it is but it is not at all Americans. it is at those who post on the internet that these attacks have somehow vindicated America's actions against Muslims, Afghanistan and Iraq. They have not. After all, if America is fighting the war on terror, it looks like their approach has failed.

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