22 July 2005

Nicole Kidman sucks

I used to like Nicole Kidman. In fact, I used to think she was stunningly beautiful. Look at this picture. Nothing wrong with that I would think. Now of course this was before she got skinny and started to suffer from an eating disorder (which she of course denies. It is just exercise and eating fruit & veg. Yeah right.)

Anyway, as I said, I have gone off her. Why? Well, apparently she turned down playing a lead role in a film when she was younger becuase she did not want to kiss a woman. And because she was too shitty to admit to that, she lied and said she had school exams (yes, she was that young.....)

It can not be so bad to snog a girl that you would turn down Jane Campion. And I am mightily miffed that she denied another woman to be able to say: I snogged Nicole Kidman.


  1. Through most of her film roles Nicole Kidman more or less comes off as the tall poppy with whispery voice and an ice queen propensity. If not that, she tries too hard to come across as a serious actress and unfortunately, falls short when it comes to her range of expressive capabilities. The continual typecasting of Kidman has also derided any credibility to her onscreen presence.

    So many of her film roles depicted meaty characters that perhaps other actresses may have illuminated better, if even just with a more natural / relaxed / realistic approach to acting compared to the stagey 'Nicole' syndrome. I wanted so much to give credence to Kidman's acting capacity even from her early days in film, as she seemed to have a promising screen persona. Truth is, I always expected more but came away disappointed :( At times, I even felt that the casting of her was the sole reason why many films that could have been great were destroyed.

    Take, for comparitive purposes, actresses like Rose Byrne, Jennifer Connelly, or even Dianne Kruger - attractive, classy, but still devoted to acting as an art, rather than acting for popularity or self-aggrandizement. The subtlety in as well as choice of their expressions, use of physical space, and voice point toward a more natural approach to acting which raises their skill levels to above par status when placed next to a piece of cardboard like Nicole. Many times I've wondered why Nicole would gawp, sigh, mock-flirt, despair, pace around, or break into a fit of giggles like a clueless schoolgirl when most anybody else would not have reacted in such a way. Kidman could learn a lot from her contemporaries, but may be too vain or self-satisfied to admit it! Even Lauren Bacall, who hails from a different, more savvy era of Hollywood altogether, was spot-on in her description of Nicole as merely a 'beginner', rather than a 'legend' (the latter, a term too loosely applied to several modern actors who haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what it means to wield command onscreen). In fact, Kidman owes her audience a great debt.

    So basically, what does that leave us with? My guess is that her career was built on hype and spectacle, rather than a true nod to any notion of depth in acting. I am convinced that she herself is aware of this, and exploits it for whatever monetary gain it has to offer. Unfortunately, these days, the phenomenon of star appeal in Hollywood seems to chip away at and sadly, supersede proper acknowledgement of those with real talent.

  2. Wow! That is some astute observation of her career, Anonymous! And almost 4 years after I posted it as well :-) It hasn't gotten much better since, has it. The only brilliant thing I feel she's done in recent years is The Hours and possibly The Others.
    Oh well, at least she's no longer with The Midget. That alone is probably the wisest career move he has ever made!

  3. In my Opinion She is a Wooden Actress Like Keira Knightly
    She has no Depth her voice irrirates me she sounds like a Disney Princess Charators
    no sex appeal but i loved dogville
    that the only movie i liked her in
    and maybe Portrait of a Lady
    but that's all i think she just
    stands their and look pretty for the Camera but that's all i can say She Should take some Acting Lessons Sorry Nicole.

  4. I don't understand how that no-talent gets acting roles.
    I've seen better acting in high school plays