28 July 2005

No more IRA violence

The IRA have today announced the end of the violent struggle for a united Ireland.
Good for them. It is, no matter how much I despise violence, a difficult step to take for any army to give up the fight.
I guess they have lost all importance in the light of the terrorism we face these days. A small nail bomb just does not do as much for your cause when at the other side of the city, there are much more professional multiple-bombers at work. The other terrorists are prepared to die for their cause. This makes the IRA bombers look like cowards as they are not prepared to die for a united Ireland.

I hope the Loyalists will see the importance of this step. Most of the (small) Republican steps have been ridiculed by Loyalists. And yet, Loyalists have very rarely been asked for a 'sacrifice'. They have now become the same thugs as the IRA. Dealing in guns, drugs and all kinds of illegal stuff. They are now simply two organised crime organisations.

They should BOTH be treated like that. BOTH should be condemmed. Both should be asked to prove they have given up their guns.

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