06 July 2005

The Olympics are upon us

In 15 minutes we will know if London wins he 2012 Olympics. Why am I feeling nervous? I am listening to BBC Radio Five Live. Waiting for either dissapointment or elation. I am interested in hearing how the BBC reporters respond. Will they remain calm and impartial or will they show their personal feelings?

It is London.
The reporters have gone nuts. But with dignity. They are enthusiastic but not screaming. Most of them don't believe London has won it. In London people are coming out of their offices, walking into Trafalgar Square, cheering, singing.
It will be so much fun to see Jaques Chirac congratulate Tony Blair at the G8 summit later today!!

BBC website is suddenly taking minutes to load. The official London 2012 website is down too. I feel happy somehow. It is nice that there is something positive for people to look forward to.

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