13 July 2005

Radio Tour de France - The Sound of Summer

For as long as I can remember, the summers were spent listening to (Dutch) Radio Tour de France. Every day between 2 and 6pm they are live in France, on motorbikes, reporting on the latest developments in the Tour de France, the most exciting sporting event on the planet, and free for spectators to boot!!!!

The sound of Radio Tour de France is the sound of my summers. Being in England means I miss it. I miss it really badly. So I have decided to defy the ban on streaming audio at my job. I am listening to Radio Tour de France and I am happy. I feel like summer. Outside the weather is fabulously hot, inside the airco is working fabulously hard and I can listen to Rein van den Broek's famous Radio Tour de France Theme Tune "Trumpet Cross". You can listen to that tune here.

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