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Katrina and the Waves

31 August 2005

Well well well...as hurricane Katrina leaves a trail of destruction in Southern America, some people seem to think this is the right time to make a quick buck. So there are reports of looting, fights and gunfire in New Orleans as people rob the destroyed stores for everything they can carry.

What is is about people that turns them into primitive beasts as soon as the think layer of organised society is, literally, washed away?

Some parts of the coast in Louisianna are 6meters under water and they fear hundreds may be dead. So why not go to your local jeans store and steal all the jeans you can carry When a reporter asked a man if he was saving things from his own store, he replied: This is everyone's store now.

Excuse me?

Now someone tell me why these people are any better than the looting Iraqis that got arrested and shot right after the fall of Saddam?? If I remember right, these people were declared criminals, insurgents and a danger to society. Well, I wonder if the people in New Orleans will get the same treatment: send them to Guantanamo Bay. That should help them stop looting next time around.

However, it is of course a tragedy that the government will spend more on the war in Iraq than they will spend on rebuilding parts of their own country. I read on the BBC website today that Iraq is already most expensive than Vietnam ever was. Nice.

Hillery Clinton for President I say!


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