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Old people shouldn't drive

01 August 2005

Is there not a limit for old people when they are barred from buying new cars, on the basis of them being too old to know how to drive it?!?!?!?!

I just stopped on the way to work to help this old man who had just burnt the clutch of his brand new Peugeot 206. I am sure he had simply forgotten to press the clutch down when changing gear. He parked his car in the middle of the road, not on the verge or anything, and just stood there. I stopped and it turned out the man had no mobile phone or anything.

So I called the RAC and the poor bugger obviously did not know what to say or do so I explained it all to the RAC. And then a nice Police Man came along (As he was blocking half the road, traffic had started to build up.)

It was obvious to me that this old man had simply made an error driving but did not know what he had done wrong. And wrecked his brand new car in the process!

Apparently in Britain, old people have to fill out a form where they THEMSELVES state if they feel they are fit to drive for another 5 years. Of course they will all think they are perfectly fit to drive. It was however very obvious to me that this man was not fit to drive. He was totally confused about the situation and seemed to have no clue as to what to do. If he can not make decisions when he is standing next to his car, how can he be trusted to make safe decisions when he is IN his car? And how can some dealer sell a man of his age a brand new car without wondering if it is a safe thing to do?

In The Netherlands, when you are over 70, you have to do a driving test every 5 years before they renew your licence. That sounds much more safe to me. Because knowing how to drive a car is not enough to be a safe driver.


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