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What a surprise!!

17 August 2005

Twat Extraordinaire Tom Cruise is to be married to katie Holmes. Not at all a publicity stunt of course but pure love. So they both had films released at the same time. Coincedence. Of course. Cruise made himself look like an idiot by talking about his wedding all the fucking time. He recently slammed Brooke Shields for taking medication to combat her post-natal depression, claiming that no such thing exists and that if only she would be a Scientologist, things would be better for her.

Yes, THAT Tom Cruise is now looking at cancelling his high profile wedding. Apparently he wanted a massive society thing with press and what have you. His wife to be, who is learning to become a Scientologist, wants a small ceremony that includes her Catholic family. Cruise does not want that. Rumour has it that they are fighting and that this rift may not be one that can be bridged.

Gosh. Are you saying the wedding could be off? Really? What a surprise. Sad though, becasue we almost believed this was a marriage of pure love and not a publicity stunt.

Yeah right.

Tom Cruise must be desperate for publicity to be willing to look like a total twat by jumping up and down a couch saying how much he loves Katie Holmes and then cancel his wedding.

Serves him right. Twat.


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