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12 September 2005

I a still alive. Unfortunately my life at the moment is so terribly boring that ther is very little to blog about. Since I last blogged, I have been rejected for 3 jobs (2 after an interview, the BBC does not even want to invite me !), the rugby season has started (We got trashed yesterday) and JD is doing just fine.

Today is the last day of The Ashes. I am hoping for an England win. I have convinced my boss to put the cricket on the plasma screen in our boardroom.(Without sound). The boyfriend of a colleague of mine was sent home fomr work because nobody was working anyway, they were all watching the cricket so they closed the business for the day!!

It is nail bitingly exciting. Go England.

Of course after this evening, especially if England fail to win The Ashes, nobody will think about cricket anymore until the next Ashes series in 2 years time.


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