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Can you build websites?

22 September 2005

I need help.

I can build a basic HTML website. But my rugby club (Old Leamingtonians RFC in Leamington Spa) needs a new website and it needs to be old-man proof. basically, I am looking for a website with a database attached to it.

Most of the site will be 'static' but I need a number of people to be able to log in and write a match report that will then automatically be published on the site without them having to generate any HTML or anything like that. Similarly, these people should be able to add photo-pages, remove photopages, match reports, fixturelists and event notices without having to create a webpage completely and without having to add somethin to the navigation (i.e. the new pages should automatically be added to the navigation bars).

Any takers?
We can pay up to £100 for your work. We also have a template for how we want the site to look so you do not really have to design the art work as well. .....I think.


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