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Bring on the snow!!!

07 October 2005

JD and I are planning a little trip to the French snow in March next year. I am SO looking forward to it. After all, there is little else to look forwward to at the moment so I am spending a lot of time day dreaming about this trip. We have asked 2 girls frmo the rugbyclub to join us but we are going anyway, even if they do not come along. It is just cheaper to share fuel and accommodation expenses between 4 people. That, and the fact that they are nice company of course!

JD is a skier. I am a snowboarder. I need to point out that I have been snowboarding a total of 2 times in my life and that JD has many years experiences on the Sticks. I LOVE being in the snow. I find skiing scary. I fear that my legs will go their own way and I end up with my knee ligaments ripped to shreds. Probably an unrealistic fear but hey-ho: the biggest danger is feeling insecure so I feel happy on my snowboard so there is no need to start learning to ski. Not until I am an ACE snowboarder anyway.

JD refuses to learn snowboarding. Wanks on Planks she calls them. Because snowboarders frequently sit down in the middle of the piste. Well, skiers are Pricks on Sticks apparently and I agree with that. They just speed past you, so close to you that your woolly hat comes off in the drag!!

Anyway, I might buy some snowboard and bindings on Ebay as renting the kit may prove to be really costly and after about 4 trips, you have made back the costs of the rental. Or I might get it from The Netherlands over Christmas. Because here in the UK, ski gear is extortionately expensive.


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