02 November 2005

Au Au Au Au!!

Played well last Sunday against Worcester II and even scored my 2nd try of my carreer. It is kind of sweet to score the only try of the match. Shame it did not help us to a victory. Still top of the league with Old Leamingtonians Ladies but I don't think it will be for much longer. Played 5, won 3. Much better than last year but if we want to go for promotion, we will need to work a lot harder.

I am covered in bruises. More so than any match I can remember. Usually I end up with one really large bruise per match or so. This time however, I am coverd in smaller, really painful bruises. I realise that this time, instead of having a single painful encounter with something hard, I have stud marks all over my legs and arms.

The most painful one is my wrist. At some point I was at the bottom of a ruck and someone stamped on the inside of my wrist. Thank goodness the studs only scraped the side of my arm. I don't really want to think about what could have happened if the stud had hit me in the middle of my wrist: broken bones, burst blood vessels???
But the inside of my wrist now has a big black bruise on it and it hurts like hell. Especially when typing all day at work a they obviously hit the muscle of my ring/pinky finger.

I am 30 now. I love rugby. I am quite sad I did not start playing earlier as 35 really seems to be the age where you need to start thinking about retirement for the game. Mothers, let your daughters play rugby. It is fun and it is good for them.

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