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10 November 2005

I consider myself a pretty openminded, welcoming person. I feel that the world does not belong to anyone so people shoudl be allowed to move wherever they want to move to.
However, I do not understand why people would move to a place, then compain about it and try to turn it into a different place that actually already exists.

So, with Islamic extremists who would like to turn Western countries into Islamic Republics, I have a problem. After all, there are plenty of other countries in the world that have Islamic law. So why try to change the laws of a country that has taken you in when you ran away from elsewhere? If I am unhappy in Holland about erhm.....the attitude to gay people, I will try to change that attitude but after a while, I would give up and move to a country with better gay rights (bad example but you get the point).

So I was pleased to read the comments of the Australian Treasurer, Peter Costello, who, as one of the first politicians, said what I feel:

"There are Islamic states around the world that practice Sharia law, and if that is your object, you may well be more at home in such a country than trying to turn Australia into one of those countries - because it is not going to happen."

See, this question has alays bugged me. I am a reasonable person, if I move to England and I don't like England, I won't try to change England fundamentally. I will simply move to a different country.


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