24 November 2005

How to alianate your population

In Rotterdam, a local counciller has suggested that, to help the Muslims in ROtterdam, the council should put up signs that point towards Mekka. He argues that this would make the Muslims in Rotterdam feel more accepted in society and it would help them with their prayers as they no longer have to try and find out where Mekka is exactly.


This man is obviously out of his mind. He saw these signs when he was in Saudi Arabia. For the record: That is a Muslim country. He feels the Dutch people should do this for their Muslim compatriots. Fuck off. This guy clearly has no idea of the sensibilities of the moment. Political Correctness is the most hated term in any language at the moment. I think youwould be hard pressed to find a majority of the people in favour of this. Even Muslims would most likely understand that this is not the right time to suggest these things.

Get a life people. Get the important things sorted first.

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