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Little Britain

24 November 2005

Everybody is offended by everything these days it seems. People are no longer able to see the humour in something. And they are unable to just let things go and ignore them.

The very very popular show Little Britain has offended incontinent people and children of mixed race. And all in one episode. After it had already offended gays and old people in previous episodes. How were all these people offended? By being portrayed in a groosly exagerated manner. It is called comedy.

What did they do?

Take Daffyd. He claims to be 'the only gay in the village' when he blatently is not. He is fat, feminine and funny. Surrounded by gay men, he still claims they are not really gay because he is the only gay in the village. Obviously it is a spoof of all those gay people who feel very sorry for themselves instead of getting on with life.
And now of course gay men are offended. They are afraid they will be a laughing stock. Really?

Or Ting Tong and Dudley. The sad sap has ordered a Thai mail order bride who is not quite what he expected. She is butt ugly. He tries to get rid of her. There have been complaints from some organisation for mixed-race couples. THey fear that kids of Thai-English couples, or any other mixed-race couples for that matter, will now have to suffer abuse because other kids will say: "Your mother is Ting Tong!!" He is sorry to see that Little Britain did not take these sensitive issues into account.

And then there is the lady who can not control her bladder. She relieves herself everywhere. In the shops, on the street, at other people's homes. Wherever she happens to stand, she pees whilst being totally oblivious to it herself. Lesley Woolnough, executive director of Incontact, said the sketch was offensive and in poor taste.

"People with incontinence are often ridiculed, but it is not a joke, and the condition can be life-destroying for many older people.

"The comedy sketch by Little Britain shown this week depicting an older lady wetting herself openly in a supermarket was in poor taste, and for many of our 15,000 members particularly offensive."

Oh please people. Get over it. Let it go. Nobody KNOWS you are incontinent right? So nobody will laugh at you in the supermarket. Whatever happend to just ignoring all these things and not getting so bloody touchy? These characters are larger than life and are very much unrealistic.It is grotesk. No connection to reality.

To all those people who are easily offended because of their religion, sexuality, medical problem, race or whatever, I say a big Fuck Off. Get a life.


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