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Merry Christmas

28 December 2005

JD and I spent our Christmas the way it should be: At De Kuip in Rotterdam, to watch Feyenoord beat AZ Alkmaar 2-0. Not a bad afternoon, apart fom the fact that it was bitching cold!

Had a nice few days with my parents and with my sisteer. Christmas Day was celebrated by inviting the whole family to my parents' house for a buffet. Everyone brought some food and it was really good fun, as usual. JD was a little take aback by the Dutch custom of sitting with the chairs arranged in a circle around the living room. Makes it difficult to talk to anyone apart fromt he person you happen to be sitting next to.

JD still really struggles with speaking Dutch, something that frusdtrates her beyond belief. It gets on my tits a bit sometimes because a lot of it is her own fear of looking like a fool. She would be much better off simply saying: Sorry, I did not understand, can you repeat that again please. Instead she mumbles and feels stupid. Poor JD.

What else happened? Well, we are now the proud custodians of a Compaq TabletPC TC1000. We got the wireless network (built in to the tablet) going and JD is sitting next to me composing a multi-harmony version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the help of the Microsoft Composer Tool that allows you to simply write the notes on the staff with a pen. I am quite impressed actually.

The only thing that is wrong with the thing is that it does not work on the battery. It only seems to work on mains power. That is of course a bit of an issue seeing the whole point of a tablet PC is that you can carry it around with you. We had visions of loading CSI episodes on it and watching them on the bus on the way to University. JD would be envied by many!! So we are still trouble shooting and I will take it to the computer shop tomorrow and see what they have to say.

JD will use it until she has finished her dissertation in September. After that, you are all free to buy it from me.


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