05 December 2005

More Civil Partners

"Unlike marriage, civil partnership law has no problem with promiscuity: although adultery coupled with intolerability opens the door to divorce, sexual infidelity does not provide a basis for dissolving a civil partnership. Similarly, although a marriage is voidable on the ground that either party is incapable of consummating it, there is nothing comparable in the Civil Partnership Act."

This part of the Civil partnership Bill really feeds the opposition's arguments. It allows them to say that all gays are promiscuis and that this Civil Partnership reflects that by not saying adultery is wrong.

I personally see it as a modern change to the marriage-laws. I reckon that if they were going to re-write the rules and laws about marriage, they would leave out that promiscuity and adultery as well. Because these days it is a fact of life that marriages no longer last a lifetime and that people cheat on eachother.

The other thing, the inability to consummate a marriage, is just a ridiculous part of a bill that apparently means that a partner has the 'right' to have sex with their spouse. There are many married couples who do not have sex for a wide variety of reasons.

A Civil Partnership or marriage should be able to be dissolved when the parties no longer want to be part of it. The reasons are of no concern to anyone. So rather than showing the 'lesser' value of the Civil Partnership becasue adultery and consummation are not mentioned as grounds for divorce, I think it is simply a reflection of modern society as a whole, where sex and sexual relationships inside or outside the relationship are nobody's business but the parties involved.

In fact, the fact that neither adultery or inability to consummate the relationship is mentioned as grounds for divorce in the Civil Partnership could actualy mean that those who enter in to a Civil partnership have altogether different values than those who get married. For those getting married, sex is apparently a very important part of the relationship but not importanat enough to work on within your relationship. No. If your partner cheats on you or is unable to get it up, you can divorce him. But for a Civil Partnership, they are not accepted arguments and the judge supposedly has the right to send you back and order you to work on your relationship instead.

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