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22 January 2006

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And on top of that, we lost. Broke my fucking toe I think. I get an injury for a change but not even one that is impressive or gets much sympathy. Even the doctor won't do anything about it!! Has to heal all by itself! Humbug!

I hated coming off injured. I felt like I failed myself. I could still walk and so i should have stayed on the pitch. Instead, when my toe started throbbing, it really put me off my game. Not the pain itself but I just lost my concentration. All I could think of was my throwbbing toe. So when I got stamped on that toe for the 3rd time in the match, I had nothing left. no concentration at all. And my head just dropped and I decided to come off the pitch.

I feel awful. Like I failed myself. Like I gave up. Unable to get over a simple bruised toe (because I actually doubt it is really broken. It is just totally purple)


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