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Gym addiction

19 January 2006

I know people can be addicted to going to the gym. I have been going every day now since January 3rd. Every day at lunch, I am in the gym for an hour. I am very pleased with myself for still actually going. At the rugby match last Sunday, I definately noticed the massive difference in my fitness levels. I felt able to run around the pitch far better. Perhaps this resulted in me scoring a try and being elected Player of the Match. I may not have lost ANY weight, but I do feel the benefits when on the rugby pitch. Well, at least there is something positive about it.

However, I am afraid of bringing down the number of times I go to the gym. I am very bad with routines and I give up easily. I have been going every day. Not so much because I want to do that but because I am afraid that once i start skipping the odd day, I will start slipping and eventually stop going completely.

However, last night at Rugby training, I felt my quads hurt. It was clear that I have over-worked them for a bit. No real pain, just a tired, tense sensation. And so I was determined not to exercise today at lunch. I was going have a relaxing swim. I brought my gym bag and my swimming costume, ready for an hour of sauna, steamroom, relaxing and whatever. But as I was in the changing room, putting my swimming costume on, I felt guilty. I actually stood half-dressed in my changing booth, deciding what to do. Put my swimmers on and then ended up taking them off. I put my shorts on and decided to do some cycling. I sat on the bike and did 30 minutes of leisurely cycling. No sweating, no real strain, ER on the TV to pass the time.

But I felt worried afterwards. Because the best thing would have been to just have a rest to let my muscles recover. But I couldn't. I felt guilty. That is quite a worrying development because I know I am prone to adddictions. Most people with ADHD are. it is a reason for avoiding all kinds of gambling and fruit machines for example. Because I like shiny lights.

So in order to keep this gym-thing healthy, I will NEED to take a break. I will need to force myself not to work out tomorrow at lunch time.

But instead of not going at all, I will go to the gym with just my swimming costume and a towel. And enough money to spend 15 minutes on the sunbed. Then a sauna and a bit of sitting in the steam room. No leg-exercise at all. Give my thoughs a bit of rest.

Then play rugby on Sunday, light cycling on Monday and full-on again on Tuesday.

Did I just see the scale indicate a minute weight loss? Did I really?


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