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12 January 2006

So far, I am not doing too badly with my going to the gym. I have been every day to run, swim, row, cross-train or whatever. But, being impatient as I am, I want to see some kind of result.

I work out for about 45 minutes at lunch time. That is all the time I have. So, how long will it take before I can see some result, either by my weight dropping or by my fat shrinking a bit? 1 week, 2 weeks, 7 weeks?

I am currently 75 kilos, way too heavy. Most of it sits on my thighs and my growing stomach. But when I look at my diet, I just do not see where that weight is coming from.  I have a bowl of porridge oats in the morning, two slices of brown bread with some pate or lettuce with tomatoes and olive oil for lunch and meat, veg and potatoes in the evening.  At weekends, I will have the odd glass of wine and on Sunday, JD & I have crackers and cheese. Surely this is not a diet that leads to instant weight gain?

I guess it is living proof of the fact that regular cycling is the key to health. Before I moved to the UK, I weighted around 67 kilos. I cycled everywhere. To work, to the shops, to the beach, to my friends, to the station, everywhere. But here, I cycle nowhere. Not to work (I take the car as it is 7 miles), not to friends (have not got many), not in to town (I walk) or to the shops (Can not fit a week’s shopping on the bike).

I really believe that this is responsible for my weight gain. And it really pisses me off. I do not want to be so fat. And so I joined the gym. As I said, I have been every day so far. All I do is work up a sweat with rowing, x-trainers and the treadmill. I am not doing any weights as I find that boring. So, when can I expect to see the needle on my set of scales move towards the left? I don’t want to go to the gym every day but not doing enough to get the needle moving as that would actually just be wasting my time. Ideally I want to get back to under 70 kilos.

God I hate getting old!


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