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03 January 2006

I have done it. The thing you are not supposed to do: I joined a gym in January. January is the busiest time as it is filled with people who haev the plan to go to the gym every day in the new year and they are going-to-lose-weight-this-time.

Yeah right. When March arrives, things are all quiet in the gym again. But not me. No. Iam different. I will go to the gym every day. I will honestly. I will tell you why. I was going to not join a gym at all. No. My plan was to cycle to work more. Possibly 3 or 4 tmies a week. My work is about 7 (hilly) miles from home so that would be perfect. Last year I bought a bike and cycled perhaps a total of 15 times to work (if that). I would arive, have a shower and walk upstairs in to the office, fresh as a daisy. Cycling to work is cheap and a good way to get your day started. Snice we all need to go to work anyway, it would not take much moer time than going to work by car.

But then they disabled the showers at work because they did not have enough room in the fuse box or something like that. And so I can not have a shower anymore. I will NOT cycle to work, get changed and be smelly all day. And so the cycling is no longer an option. Unless I would cycle to the local gym near my work, pay to get in, have a shower there and then cycle the 5 minutes from the gym to my office. That would work. However, that means loads of cycling effort, paying for a shower and then still having to get on the bike to get to the office.

And so I decided to use the time I was planning on using for cyclnig to actually use the gym. So, I will now get up at 6.45am. Leave the house at 7am, get to the gym at 7.14am. Be on the treadmill at 7.30am. Work out for 45 minutes. Get showered and dresed and then get back to the office to start my worknig day. SOunds like a flawless plan? That is because it is.

Roll on March!

Note: I might be hopeful but I am not stupid. So I have taken out an initial membership for a month instead of subscribing for a whole year!!!


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