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Folk, socks & sandals

02 February 2006

I went to audition for a band the other day. A folk (rock) band. You know, Fairport Convention, that kind of stuff. None of the men already in the band wore sandals and socks so clearly folk music has moved on a bit.

I was quite looking forward to it as I miss singing in a band. But for some reason, I was actually bored. They were not as good as I thought they would be. I went to audition as a singer. I play a little bit of guitar but nothing to write home about.

Maybe it was the choice of the songs they gave me to practice with for the audition. But it was clear that they were not really focussed on having a (female) singer in the band. The songs were either too low or too high and when I asked them if they could perhaps change the key, it seemed a bit difficult. There was very little variation in the music and the way they played.

Maybe I had too high expectations. I don’t know. Basically I don’t think I would be too offended if they did not pick me to be their singer. But it has made me more eager to go out and try to get some more auditions.


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