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22 February 2006

I am now officially in a band. They (or should I now say we?) play English folk music. I am still not sure about it as the material they want to play is a little…how can I put it, repetitive.

Many old English folk tunes have an abundance of verses and no chorus so the songs can go on and on and on. For example, Tam Lin, has 17 verses, each only 2 lines. For me as a singer, that is just not very interesting as there is only so much variation I can put in to a song that repeats itself so many times.

I guess I need to be patient and see if I can slip in a few songs that I like myself. Next week, everyone gets to bring a few songs and then we pick the ones we can all agree on.

What shall I bring? I know very little folk songs. I mean REAL folk. I know plenty of Indigo Girls, Mary Black etc. But that is not really folk enough…..


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