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Is this all there is?

20 February 2006

You get up, go to work, wish the day away in a boring awful job, come home, kiss your wife, have dinner, chat, have TV, go to sleep and do the same thing all over again the next day?

I have too much time at work to think. I have bored myself into a depression. I am THIS close to walking out of the office and never return. What is stopping me? Money. Always the same fucking thing stopping it: money. Can not live without at least £15,500 per year. Can not afford to just walk away. Can not afford to take a holiday to clear my head.

Can only afford to work. The same fucking boring job day in day out. Relentless boredom. Every day. In a company that is not going anywhere, has no competent management and no vision for the future.

And nobody to give me a chance in a better job.

is this all there is? Because if it is, then I want my money back.


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