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No man needed

22 February 2006

Time for my feminist-lesbian activist self to wake from its deep, deep slumber. This part of me rarely wakes up so forgive me if I am a little rusty.

Paris Hilton, famous for…well…erhm…I can not think of what she is famous for, erhm…a women’s rights activist? No, that’s not it. Is she perhaps an eminent scientist? Nope, that is not it either. Indeed, I can not for the life of me think of a reason for this person to be famous.

Actually, that is probably a very sad reflection of today’s idols: None of them have done anything to deserve their fame.

Anyway, drifting off topic here. Paris Hilton has made a sex video. She claimed it was a private video that leaked out onto the internet. Yeah right. Her 'career' has exploded since that video so I firmly believe she would of course rather have kept it private.

And now, paris Hilton has made a new one. With a woman this time. In some hotel (Hilton??) she did the dirty with some Playboy model and filmed it. Fine. Whatever floats her boat (read: whatever keeps her career afloat).

What bugs me is that some Dutch newspaper put this news on its front page. And it is so clearly aimed at horny men. How do I know? Well, because this model said:

Paris had brought loads of sex toys along. We needed them of course because there was not a man around.

Excuse me?

[Feminist Activist Lesbian Comment]

I can get so enraged by this kind of thing. This just perpetuates the male myth that all a lesbian needs is a nice bit of cock. That real women really want a man and all they do is play a little bit. For the real thing, a man is needed.

There are plenty of stories of lesbians being raped or sexually abused by men who believe that all these women need is a dick and that they can be cured. Braindead women like Paris Hilton & Co encourage this kind of thinking.

Hilton is a porn actress but she can not be seen as such as she would perhaps lose the family fortune? If she was really a lesbian and her escapades with her girlfriend were filmed, you really think a man would be interested? I doubt it because the only thing that men are interested in is the thought that he can, in the end, come in and ‘finish the job’. They need the feeling that they are needed, that a real woman can not do without a man.

I was once asked by a wanker in the pub if he could watch me and my girlfriend having sex. I said no as we did not need him for our enjoyment. Instantly he changed his attitude and called us stupid dykes.

But perhaps I can not blame blokes for this kind of thinking when women like Paris Hilton etc. keep telling them that they would really prefer a man to be there when they do it with a woman.

[/Feminist Activist Lesbian Comment]

So, what do I think of Paris Hilton etc?

Well, to be honest, it is just not worth the energy so I won’t say anything about it.


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