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10 March 2006

My boss has resigned. He has been headhunted for a high-paid job and will be making loads more money in a job that is loads more stressful. Fair play to him.

The mood in the sales team has just plummeted. And I don't understand why. The two other sales managers seem to be angry, disappointed and spiteful about his decision. Yesterday the whole team was in and you could feel the anger in the air. Little was said and conversations were limited to short sentences and blank stares.

Why? What is his crime? Leaving? Not telling people sooner? When do you tell people you are leaving? Right after you have signed the new contract? Why should you? You hand in your notice, serve your notice time and that is it. You tell your team when you hand in your notice. Unfortunately the rumour mill had already leaked the info to the world and I guess finding it out from our trade partners will have pissed the other sales guys off big time.

But why does that have to lead to them treating him differently all of a sudden? Is it because of some misconstrued notion that we are all friends instead of co-workers who happen to get along quite well?

When a manager leaves for a different job in the same market, surely it is in the best interest of both parties to end the contract asap. Surely keeping someone to 3 months notice will create nothing but tension. If anything because our trade partners know he is leaving and might use the info he is still gathering whilst he is here to help his future employer, who happens to be another one of our trade partners.

The business is going to struggle without him. Not even because he was so fabulously brilliant but because there is nobody else with the abilities needed to lead the team. He was sitting in the middle between 2 other managers who are both a tad volatile. Now that he is leaving, it will be me sitting in the middle.

It has started already. I am already feeling shit. I am very sensitive to mood changes and silent tension. I can not handle it very well at all. I have rung the employment agency to let them know they should increase their efforts to find me a new job.


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