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03 March 2006

My little toe still broken. After 5 weeks, it still rotates in an odd way and, even better, you can feel the bones snap around when you move the toe. Great party piece but not very useful when it comes to rugby.

So I went to the doctor yesterday who told me off for having played rugby with it for the past 5 weeks. I told her that her colleague had failed to tell me the toe should be strapped and so now would be a little late to start strapping it. Even so, I was told to strap it for another 4 weeks and absolutely no rugby and, if possible, no shoes. If it still has not healed by then, I need to go back to the doctor. Not sure what will be next because they just do not treat broken little toes. I don't mind having a non-healing fracture. But I just want the pain to stop. I am going on a bloody snowboarding trip in a month and I really really really do not want to jeopardise that.

I did not realise this of course. Otherwise I would have not played rugby from the day I broke the bastard toe. Now it will be a bit of a race against time, hoping the toe will heal enough for me to go snowboarding. The problem is that it is the little toe so it gets lots of pressure from shoes on the side, as opposed to the other toes.

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be kissing my toe (yes, I am THAT flexible), carrassing it, keeping it chilled and elevated, give it nice strapping and wear my nice open-toe sandals.

I am getting quite attached to wearing sandals actually. They are very very comfortable. I look silly with the woolley socks. Like a vegetarian.

See you later, I am off to the Organic Market for some Patchouli Oil and some Tofu!!


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