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CSI Warwickshire

09 March 2006

Well, the good news is, I did not forget to lock the car after all. The bad news is: they punches a tiny hole through the door to open the lock and get in.

So now I have to pay £160 to have the car repaired.

Had to go to the police and they fingerprinted the car and some random other bits they might have touched.

CSI sounds better than SOCO (Scene Of Crime Officer). My SOCO was perhaps no more than 25 (photo here soon). Blonde hair, nice friendly woman who said there should be more police in my street becasue there had been so many break-ins recently.

By the way, they also took the rugby team's First Aid bag. Some junkie is now getting high on Freeze Spray and Deep Heat. I hope their nostrils burn to a crisp!!


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