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Employment agencies suck

10 March 2006

They are fucking rotten.

When they think they have a position for you (read: When they think they can make money by putting you forward), they are over you like a rash. They promise nice jobs, good pay, blah blah blah.

So you go for an interview and call them back to let them know how it went. They promise to call you back with feedback and then....you never hear from them again.

She promised to call back Friday afternoon. Last week. I heard nothing so I rang today. Some intern said she was busy but that the system said that I did not get the job. Yes, she would call me back with some feedback. She didn't of course so I rang back. Intern again. Can I speak to Suzanne this time? Well, let me see if she is busy (I KNOW his desk is next to hers so he can see that right away!) After 30 seconds, he gets back to me and says: She is on the phone but there is no real other feedback. You did not have enough PA experience it seems.

Well thank fuck for getting back to me you bastard wankers!! Clearly as soon as I am not going to make them money, they don't ring back. They don't ring back to perhaps help me with some feedback on how I did. Feedback that could help me with my job search. No.

You have to fucking call them yourself, wait for the non-existent return call and fucking speed to their office next time they think they can make money out of you.

This has happened to me about 10 times now: Yes, I will call you back with some feedback right away. And then you just don't hear from them anymore. Not even to say that you did not get the job.

Fucking bitches they are. Fucking bitches.

And yet, they seem to be my only way out of here.


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