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21 March 2006

Laura posted this on her log:

Do not try to liquidise honey in the microwave without taking the lid off.
Otherwise it will explode once you take it out, leaving your ceiling, every cupboard and the floor with a irremovable layer of it.
And burn blisters in your face and neck.

Although I feel sorry for her pain, I am somewhat pleased. I did the same thing 2 years ago and badly burnt my arm. I wanted to make myself some nice honey and goat's cheese sandwiches and I put the honey in the microwave. Done it before but this time, I forgot to unscrew the lid of the plastic container. Not a problem as it was only going to be 10 seconds.

Then the phone rang. JD on the phone (this was before I moved to England). As we were chatting away, I suddenly remembered the honey in the microwave. It had by now been about a minute. I opened the microwave and removed the expanded plastic bottle just in time to avoid an explosion IN the microwave.

But remember this: When you turn a microwave off, the molecules in your food keep moving around for a bit longer. And so the honey continued to boil and then the container exploded in my hand. The honey covered my lower arm with a thick layer of boiling honey. I was screaming in pain and I dropped the phone.

JD was screaming at me, wondering what was going on, I was yelping in pain, trying to tell her it was nothing major, whilst trying to cool my arm in the sink. My flatmate heard the noise, came downstairs and assessed the damage. She picked the phone from the floor and told JD that I had burnt my arm and that she was taking me to A&E.

At A&E they cooled it with some nice cream but I could see the blisters popping up on my arm. And then the skin started to come off. They wrapped my arm up and then I had to come back every other day to have the dressings changed. It looked horrible. My dad even thought I was never going to recover from it. Poor man.

Of course I recovered nicely and you can hardly see it these days, apart maybe from the skin being a fraction lighter on that arm.

JD told me off for being stupid. But I am now pleased to know it happens to other people as well.


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