13 March 2006

Nerd Alert

Feeling smug yesterday. Nothing special but I managed to re-install Windows XP Tablet Edition on my Compaq TC1000. You think that is easy? Try booting a system that has no CD-Rom player, nor a bootable CD-Rom or a USB device that will do.

On EBay, I had bought a set of Compaq Recovery CDs for £15 as my TC1000 had ‘fallen off the truck in a remote village in Italy before I obtained it.

So I had to do it via a LAN network, using my desktop as server. True, someone on the web had written a manual on how to do this but there were still minor issues that were not in that manual that I had to sort out myself.

In the end, it worked just fine.  I guess that makes me an anorak. Oh well, anything that gives me pleasure these days will do.

Oh, and I requested an info pack be sent to me from the NHS about a university degree in nursing. Hey, one has to at least try and make a change.

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