28 March 2006

The Wedding Planner

So, we have secured the date. 3rd of June. Now we don't want a Big Wedding but we still need to do some Organising. YUK!

How do people get there?
Who gets an invitation to the lunch after the ceremony and who gets an invitation for the Walk-in reception in the pub afterwards?
Where do we 'do' the lunch and/or reception?
What do I wear?
Do we want new rings?
And legal stuff we need to think of?


Civil Partnerships/Civil Wedding Ceremonies in England are weird. They are totally different than the ones in The Netherlands. In The Netherlands, a Civil Ceremony gets the same attention as a church wedding. But her it seems that a wedding in a Register Office really is like a step-child. No speech, no real ceremony, nothing. In The Netherlands, I am used to the registrar taking some time to write a little speech to make the wedding personal. But here they don't. Well, not if you get married in the Register Office because you only get about half an hour for the whole thing.

If you have your wedding elsewhere, in an Approved Venue, a registrar comes to the venue and takes more time for you. But that also costs about 8 times as much, on top of the cost of hiring the venue.

So we decided to just do it in the register office and then go somewhere nice afterwards for a bite of food.

I am quite looking forward to it actually.

Now we just need to find 2 nice places for the lunch and for the reception/pub afterwards.

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