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Let it snow...

18 April 2006

Just returned from a little holiday in the snow. No points for guessing where I went to (See photo).

The holiday was fab. Crap snow the first 2 days and then 45cm of the stuff in one night. Obviously there was wonderful snowboarding after that. I am no real snowboarder in any sense of the word but it went quite well if I may say so. It is only my 3rd ever snowboard holiday so I was quite pleased.

I bought myself a nice pair of snowboard boots. Perhaps next year I will get myself a board and some nice bindings. But for the moment, I have no more money left.

The trip home was exhausting. Clearly the fact that our car broke down about 100km before we reached the ferry in Calais added a good few hours to our journey (read: it added about 7 hours to it!). On the motorway, the turbo died (Never buy a Land Rover Discovery!!). I called the Depanneur and they put the car on the truck and took it to a garage. There I called the AA and they told me to get the car to Calais on the tow truck, get it on the ferry and on the other side, a tow truck would be waiting for us.

Unfortunately the ferry company we booked with did not accept cars that are broken down so we had to re-book to P&O Ferries. That worked fine so we got a ferry at 00.15 instead of 9pm. They gave our car a nice little spot on the cargo deck in between all the big trucks. I am sure our Land Rover felt very at home.

On the other side, no truck was waiting so we had to wait until about 2.15am before the tow truck showed up. He took us back to Warwickshire so on Sunday morning, I finally rolled in to bed at 7am. Very tired. But very exciting end to the holiday.

The worst part of this is that I lost the time to shop in Calais. I had planned to buy some nice French cheese and some good wine. A very long drive but definately worth it. Shame I had to go back to my job today. And, as expected, it started off shit.


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