05 April 2006

New boss

Well, so far, the new boss has kept me busy. My nightmare came through when X was promoted into the job left by Z. She is keeping me very very busy. I like that. Not a problem. I have not been busy for a very long time and being bored has made me depressed to the extreme.

So no complaints there. In fact, this is all much better.

Unfortunately, I get the impression that she feels I am unable to deal with people and clients over the phone, that I am rude, unhelpful and stubborn.

Apparently, someone told her I had been unhelpful and rude and that he no longer wanted to deal with me. Instead of talking to me about it, X mentioned in the passing that this person said I was "an obnoxious cow" and that I should perhaps re-consider my phone manners.

Excuse me?

X did not ask what had happened, IF anything had happened (I have NO idea why this bloke thinks I am a cow, which makes 'considering my manners' really hard).
When I said to her that I was a bit dissapointed that she had not come to me to talk about it, she simply said: Well, I believe him because I hear you on the phone to me sometimes and you are rude to me sometimes.

Right. Clearly she feels that I am unable to differentiate between speaking to clients and speaking to co-workers.

Oh, she went on, and I heard from Colleague Y that another customer had told him you were rude as well.

Oh really?

Well, surely a real manager would come to me and discuss this with me, ask for my version of the story BEFORE making a judgement?

Yesterday a woman called with a query. She is not a client (yet) and was short with me because I had to tell that I had no answer ready and I needed about 15 minutes to find an answer. I asked X for some information and told her the lady I had spoken to had been short with me. X then said: Oh, I will call her back. I said: Why? I can call her, I just need the answer to her question.
No, said X, I will call because I know what you are like. You are clearly on the wrong foot with her.

Excuse me????

I feel angry and put-down by this kind of thing. I tried once to discuss it with her when I said that I would appreciate a conversation about it. And her response was that clearly people think I am rude sometimes, she thinks I am rude sometimes and I need to think about how I approach clients and how I tell them if I can not solve their query.

So whatever I say, she simply thinks I am rude to people so she is firmly on the side of whoever 'complains' about me.

Is it worth giving this new working relationship a chance? I wanted to give it a shot but I really feel personally attacked when she says things like that and it makes me feel that I am wasting my energy.

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