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20 April 2006

Went to the Register Office this morning to give notice. We had to go in separately. I went first and had to answer loads of questions, simple things like where I live, my name, my partner's name, d.o.b. etc. I laughed and said that I had studied really hard on the difficult questions and that I could tell them that JD has 1 sugar in her coffee and brushes her teeth with her right hand....

I thought she was just completing details so that JD's turn would be faster. After all, I had already given them her full name, address d.o.b. etc.

Turns out that that WAS the test. JD had to answer the same questions about me: name, d.o.b., address, occupation etc....

Funny. I was waiting for The Test whilst I was in fact already being tested.

So there is now no legal impediment to our Civil Partnership. Or, as I prefer to call it, marriage.

Roll on June!!!


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