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18 April 2006

...when a homosexual is about.

This little film was made in the 50s and warned boys against the dangers of hitchhiking: They ran the risk of encountering a homosexual. It is funny now but my God, imagine being a young gay man (or woman) and seeing this.

Ignorance still rules. At Christmas, the Radio Times (the commercial TV Listings Magazine of the BBC) gave away a free CD as part of a promotion. The CD contained bits of Chronicles of Narnia, stories, music, screensavers and other rubbish I did not look at. It turns out that this CD was provided by our old biggot friends of Focus on the Family. Of course FotF simply bought the advertising space and since the Radio Times is a good magazine that is editorially free from advertiser influence, they simply published it as a paid ad.

This week, the Radio Times has placed a notice in the magazine, stating that the inclusion of the CD does not imply that the Radio Times or the BBC support or endorse FotF in any way. Well, I think they really should have been more careful about this issue and refused the ad or at least made a point of distancing themselves fm FotF at the time of publishing.

Now it simply looks like RT/BBC agrees with things like Defence of Marriage, discrimination and hatred against homosexuals etc.

Very very stupid.


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