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Janis Ian

09 May 2006

Brilliant songstress Janis Ian has released a new album, called "Folk is the new Black". JD and I went to a concert last week and it was marvelous. Janis introduced a new song. It is about how she and her partner got married in Canada but once back in America, their marriage does not count and how the whole thing is just stupid. JD and I (and the rest of the audience) thought the song was totally fantastic and we were thinking of putting it on our wedding invitations.


Unfortunately I had to remove the lyrics as Janis was not happy about a song being published when she considers it to be unfinished. Fair enough I say. Is a painting considered 'exhibited' just because the painter may have shown the work in progress to a few people? Nope. So let's hope Janis releases the song soon so that I can point you all to the record shop where you can listen to it and buy it.

So, Janis, I apologise for jumping the gun and infringing anyone's rights.


You could do a lot worse than to go to Janis Ian's website and buy yourself some of her albums.


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