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30 May 2006

I am writing for a Dutch national newspaper about life in England during the World Cup. Feels kind of cool to be able to put on my CV that I write a twice-weekly column for a national newspaper. You can find the columns on the internet if you look hard enough:)

In the mean time, the people I had an interview with back inFebruary have come back to me and have asked me to apply for the same job again as they have decided they need 2 instead of 1. They rang to say: We have a similar job available and we thought you might want to know so that you can apply for it. That is a good sign. I really want the job. But how enthusiastic should I get about this? I still have to send in the application form, hope to get an interview and then hope to be the best of the bunch that applies this time. I really want the job but I don't want to get my hopes up to high.

How hopeful should I be?


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