29 June 2006

WOmen are anti-men

Now I am laughing again!! It seems that male homosexuality is caused by women having some kind of anti-men antibody. And if a woman gives birth to a lot of boys, the chances of the next one being gay increase. the theory is that perhaps these anti-men antibodies kind of accumulate with every pregnancy. I reckon that by having more boys, statistically you simply have a bigger chance of having a gay son.

As usual, there is no mention of female homosexuality in the research....

Men and their sexual orientation

26 June 2006


Well, that was a short-lived World CUp for the Dutch team. Oh well, it was boring enough to have to watch onmy own, without any other orange idiots around me. It is a shame we did not get much further in the tournament but it was obvious that the young side misses experience to be smart and calm when needed, instead of trying to attack attack attack all the time.

Am more pissed off about the fact that some wanker felt he had to break off the orange flag I was proudly flying on the car. Why don't people keep their hands of other people's property? It really pisses me off. Out of revenge, I will not support England. Well, I will only support England out of love for JD. But christ, England are boring me to death this tournament. No passion, no good football, no red cards, nothing. Just boring. They won't last long this tournament. Shame. Now there is nobody left to cheer for.

I will pack up my orange goodies until Euro 2008. See you then.

21 June 2006

Don't be a wanker!

I didn't get it

Unsurprisingly I did not get the job. They offered to give me feedback but I am afraid to call them. I am afraid I will try to argue with them about why I said what I said and why I think I really should be given a chance. I should just listen and try to see the positives I guess. But why did they ask me to come back, tell me I would have had the job the first time around if the other person had not accepted it? Why get my hopes up if I did not really get a chance? Or did I really do so extrordinarily badly this time that all the positive things from the first interview were forgotten?

They only advertised on their website and internally and got 3 internal candidates. I assume one of them got the job. If this is about my lack of industry specific knowledge, then I wonder why the hell they asked me back in the first place as they knew this was the case.

I guess I should not be angry until I know the reasons. But I am not sure they will give me the REAL reasons. And I am not sure I want to know because I am afraid it has something to do with the ADHD (we think you might be too direct, we think you might get bored, we think you may struggle organising your work load, we think......)

I am angry that they got my hopes up, I am angry that I didn't get it but I am more angry because I feel I am not given a chance to prove that I really CAN do it.

15 June 2006

Fluffed it

I think I fluffed it. I know I said this last time but last time at least I felt the interview went well. This time it started with the test (last time that was the last thing to do). I feel extremely bad about the test. For starters because I did not finish it. But also because I just did not know what to make of it.

The interview was a bit….well….difficult. And I think I ruined it when they asked me how I would prioritise having 7 different things going on at the same time. I messed up explaining that one completely. I am sure I left them with the impression that I do not like to be put under pressure and that I like things to be handed to me one by one. I saw the look on their faces when I fluffed it up.

Shame. I asked them why I did not get it last time. They said the girl who got it had more exact experience but that I had come second and would have been offered the job had the other girl declined. Nice to know. This time I feel it did not go so well during the interview.

They asked why I was still in my current job, 4 months after I told them I really wanted a new job. I explained that I had not been looking much lately as it was very very busy and I had promised the new boss to hang around until she had trained the new Sales Manager who is joining us next week. Loyalty, basically.

They had not advertised the job in the press this time. Only on their own website. About 5 people have applied and they will let me know in 7 working days.

But I think, again, my lack of knowledge about the agricultural sector will let me down.

On the nice side, my boss texted me to wish me good luck and said: Be confident. Make sure they are good enough for you to want to work there.

Maybe she is not so bad after all. Actually, I know she isn't. It was all just a matter of us both getting used to the new working style after Old Boss left.

I WANT that job. I REALLY REALLY want it.


13 June 2006

Got the interview!

Yay!! I got an interview for this job I applied for!! Now I am getting really nervous. I had to take the afternoon off to do the interview and when my colleague asked if I was doing anything nice that afternoon, I just said: Erhm....stuff. She immideately said: Oooh....where is the interview and who is it with.....:)

I explained the whole situation:

- 1st interview. Did not get job but was told I was fantastic and could they keep my details.
- 4 weeks later: phonecall to see if I would still be available for the job as they were restructuring the department and might have a place for a similar position.
- 4 weeks after that: Phonecall to let me know they had reviewed the department's needs and decided they needed another Press & PR Officer. The vacancy was about to be published on their website and they wanted to let me know I could apply if I wanted to.(Note: this time I did not see it published in the local press where I found the ad last time)
- This Thursday: job interview.

My colleague's reaction was: They have created a job for you.

I am getting nervous now. Last time I had to do a test and found it really difficult. I have already been told I will have to do the whole thing again: interview and then a test. What if my really good test was just a fluke? What if I just struck lucky? I really just bluffed my way through it (I thought).

Also, I have a dilemma. The last test revolved around the use of peat. I did not know that word so I had to be very general about the words I used, knowing roughly what peat was but not 100% sure. Peat could be turf but that is not exactly the same etc.

So this time, I am considering bringing a dictionary. If I do, I will have to inform them of this as you are not allowed any items in the room when you do the test. If I were to get the job, I would keep a dictionary on my desk, just to make 100% sure I understand the meaning of some words. To me, that just means I am thorough, rather than insecure. However, if I were to keep the dictionary handy during the test, would that make them think my command of English is not enough to do the job?

What do you think? Take the dictionary, ask if I can use it and hope they see it as a sign of wanting to be thorough, or not use it and run the risk of getting into trouble with words I might not know?


World Cup Madness

I have a little Orange flag on my car. Just to make sure they know I am not English. So far the world cup has been fun. Having been away from Holland for 3 years, I am not sure I have a bond with this national team. So I don't know what to expect. Their first match was, according to some, really good. I found it nerve wrecking!

In their infitine wisdom, FIFA have decided today the close the roof of one of their stadiums. Earlier, it turned out a video screen in the middle of the stadium created a huge shadow on the pitch (Jeez, I could have come up with that! Just look at the picture!!). FIFA's response was not to remove the ugly contraption but to close the roof of the stadium so no sunlight could come in. FIFA said: Creating extra shade will make it cooler for the players and the fans. Clearly forgetting there will be 45,000 fans breathing for 2 hours underneath a metal & glass roof. Sounds more like a greenhouse to me.

Especially with FIFA's refusal to have drinks breaks during the matches, this is bordering on irresponsible. It is 37 degrees inside the stadiums for crying out loud.

I am really really excited about this whole World Cup thing and I will most definately be looking to watch more Holland matches with other Dutch people, if I can find them!! Anyone living near Birmingham? Have car, will travel.

09 June 2006


The World Cup is about to start. Finally. I have a neat Orange Flag on my car, to distinguish me from the English people here. Will be wearing my most Orange outfit and look like a lone fool on Sunday afternoon in the pub.

I am SO looking forward to it. Because I have been away from Holland during the preparations, I don't actually know how good or bad we are. So I have hopes but no expectations.

The blog has gone Orange and will probably stay like that afterwards as I quite like it.

07 June 2006


I am now officially Civilly Partnered (Married, I mean) to JD. Yippee. It was wonderful. How dare people deny me the right to stand in front of all my family and loved ones and say: This is the woman I love and this the woman I want to spend my life, or at least a good part of it, with.

It seems that George Bush has finally bitten the dust on the issue of trying to amend the constitution to ban gay marriages. This nitwit keeps saying he does not feel the federal government should interfere with state affairs. Except of course when it suits him and his Christian God Squad, the Happy Clappers.

US Senate blocks gay-marriage ban.

People do not realise it is not just the gays and lesbians who are under threat from this lunatic. He grants internships in the White House ONLY to pupils from a strictly religious school, does not fund family planning, unless they tell kids not to have sex at all, he does not give aid to Africa unless they
tell people not to have sex at all. He is dangerous in many more ways than people think.

Oh hang on, this was a post about my wedding. Well, it was lovely. And I have the ring to prove it! Stick that up your ass, you religious freaks.